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Tweet On July, 7th DICE published Battleblog #2: With A Bit Of Class. This blog post describes in minor details the four classes that will exist in Battlefield 3 from the perspective of Sr. Gameplay Designer Alan Kertz aka Demize99. Most of that sounds very exciting and thought-through, but there was one comment about the […]

Tweet Just in case there are still people playing the “Leliana’s song” DLC for Dragon Age: Origins wanting to earn the “Vendetta” achievement, here’s a brief list of what to do. As I found most of the search results on Google rather useless, here’s the definite info: Steal the goods from all three merchants’ storage […]

Tweet Earlier in 2010, we’ve seen the release of Prince of Persia – The Sands of Time, a movie based on one of the most established and pioneering video game stories ever. That movie, believe it or not, proved history wrong and turned out to be a pretty good and entertaining flick – unlike most […]

Tweet   “Honour Valour Pride”, your last studio album, was released in 2001. Though you’re kind of famous for taking your time between albums, 4 years is undoubtedly quite a long time. What happened in these 4 years? Karl:   The band spent some time in 2001 promoting HVP, then got around to writing new […]