About AoP

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CA Flag What’s with the name?

AoP is an abbreviation. Mind the spelling! It’s AoP, not AOP and definitely not Aop. It saw the light first in Teamspeak sessions when the actual nick turned out to be cool but inconvenient. AoP stands for “The Ambassador of Pain”, taken from a song from the album “Serenity in fire” by Canadian death metallers KATAKLYSM and seemed to fit into the environment pretty well. Also, AoP only becomes xxAoPxx when 3 characters are not permitted by a game, site or forum. Know though that I do not play using this name anymore and in fact haven’t in years.

CA Flag Who is AoP?

AoP is German, anglophile, gaming enthusiast, technology addict and a fan of the infamous “Web 2.0” and social networking. He is an adult for quite some time already and even mature on occasion. AoP’s philosophy is built around the belief that life is too serious to be taken seriously. Other than gaming, AoP enjoys a good read, a good movie, good music, writing and exchanging thoughts and ideas with smart people.

CA Flag What is this website?

Consider it my portfolio and blog not related to personal things. I will be updating the blog with interviews, reviews and other articles I wrote in the past and will continue to post texts in all categories and topics approximately whenever I feel like it.

CA Flag What is AoP up to lately?

After having had a tumor removed from his spinal cord in late 2010, AoP is still recovering from the surgery and undergoing tumor-containment procedures. When time permits, AoP can still be found low-profiling on a number of gaming-related sites and forums, among them Team Liquid, Bioware Social and others.

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