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Let us approach this slowly:   The purpose of this text is to comment on story elements of Mass Effect 3 and how the recently released extended cut changed some of them and my personal perception of the game. Therefore, it is almost impossible to work without spoilers. I apologize, but I believe a proper […]

The game is a couple of weeks old, so chances are the number of people playing Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer for the first time will increase rather than decrease. The following text is supposed to make life easier for those, but also for everyone willing to consider different strategies and approaches. What you will not […]

Before After I did my part

It’s one of those times when one doesn’t know whether one is faced with cold calculation or naivety, whether you’re being played or the other side simply has become careless. With word of the “Retake Mass Effect 3” donation drive in favor of Child’s Play exceeding $70,000 and the heat on BioWare for ultimately botching […]

Dear BioWare,dear Casey Hudson,dear Mass Effect team.   Let’ s be blunt: you’re not the first video game developer to kill a loved player character or gaming franchise nor will you be the last. Others who came before you did significantly better though, allowing character and player to part ways in peace and with a […]